Somerville, NJ Bus And Truck Accident, Dec 1958


Somerville, N.J. (UPI) -- Two persons were killed and about 20 injured Tuesday night in the collision of a New York bound Trailways Bus and a pickup truck on an icy road.
Police reported that three persons were injured seriously when the bus, going east on Route 28, swerved into the westbound land and crashed headon with a pickup truck at about 8:50 p.m.
Both occupants of the truck were killed. They were identified as MR. and MRS. ROBERT E. DILLONG, both 32, of Whitehouse, N.J.
The bus was on its way from Allentown, Pa., to New York at the time of the smash-up. It was due in New York at 10:15 p.m.
Driver GEORGE SIMONS, 37, of Easton, Pa., told police he drove up in back of a truck that had no rear lights. He said he swerved into the opposite lane to avoid hitting the unlighted truck and slammed into the other truck.
SIMONS suffered a fractured foot and was treated for shock. Five ambulances working in relays took about 20 passengers and SIMONS to Somerset Hospital, where SIMONS and two passengers were admitted with serious injuries.
Identified among the injured were GEORGE ZWOYER, 58, of Allentown, fractured ribs; and FRANKEL SMULEK, 36, of Brooklyn, fractured rib and contusions.

Ames Daily Tribune Iowa 1958-12-10