Carney's Point, NJ DuPont Powder Company explosion, Mar 1899


Smokeless Powder Causes Death and Havoc in New Jersey.

PENN'S GROVE, N. J., March 22. - More than 3,000 pounds of smokeless powder exploded to-day at the E. I. Dupont Powder Works at Carney's Point, near here, and opposite Wilmington, Del., instantly killing three workmen and injuring others. The dead are:

LAYTON, ISAAC, aged fity, married.
MAGILL, JOHN, aged thirty, single.
FORD, WILLIAM, aged forty, married.

The cause of the accident has not been determined. The explosion took place in one of the drying houses, where Layton was at work. The explosion shook the country for miles around, and in this town heavy panes of glass were broken in many houses. Across the Delaware River, in Wilmington, the noise of the explosion was also heard. Immediately following the first explosion came several others, distinct, and nearly as loud. They occurred in small store houses.

Both the drying house and the storehouses were demolished, and other small buildings about the works damaged. Francis Dupont and his nephew were at work in the laboratory at the time of the explosion, and were slightly injured by pieces of glass, but directed the care of the other injured and the recovery of the dead.

Layton and Ford were old employes of the company. Magill had been working but a short time.

The works have been running on large Government orders for smokeless powder.

The loss is estimated at $250,000, without taking into account the delay that must ensue in filling the Government orders.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Mar 1899