Jersey City, NJ Hotel Fire, Dec 1937

Jersey City NJ  Hotel Plaza Fire.jpg


Jersey City, N.J., Dec. 30 -- (AP) -- Two score men stood by today ready to give blood transfusions to a 93-pound blond heroine of the Plaza hotel fire who stuck to her switchboard yesterday arousing guests as she beat out her blazing clothing with her hands.
Among the last to flee the fire fatal to two other hotel employes, 26-year-old HELEN SULLIVAN had to run through a wall of flame in the lobby, and staggered into the streed so badly burned no one at first recognized her.
Part of her dress was burned off, and her, face, chest and hands were burned.
Nearly delirious from pain when she reached the medical center she asked about an aged widow and an aged couple who lived at the hotel. Told all the guests were saved, her flame-blackened face lighted with a smile.

Jefferson City Post-Tribune Missouri 1937-12-30