South Orange, NJ Hotel Fire, Aug 1890



Orange, N. J., Aug. 23. -- The Orange Mountain Hotel, South Orange, one of the largest hotels in Essex County, was burned to the ground this evening. The fire began at 5:30, in the north end of the building, near the laundry, and rapidly spread, the strong wind causing the flames to make rapid headway. By 8 o'clock the building was completely destroyed.
The Orange Fire Department was called and responded, but was unable to do any service, as there was no water to be obtained. The building was owned by MR. SAMUEL LORD of LORD & TAYLOR, New York, and was rented by MRS. MARY F. KING, proprietress of the Gramerey Park Hotel, in New York. It was estimated to be worth $80,000 and was insured for over $45,000.
Fortunately there were only thirty guests in the house, most of them having left at the latter part of last month. MRS. KING took charge of the hotel three years ago, altering the building at a cost of $25,000. Most of the silver and glassware was saved, but the clothing and property of the guests were all lost. MRS. KING had just put the hotel on a paying basis.

The New York Times New York 1890-08-24