Hampton Center, NH Restaurant Fire, Feb 1943


Fire destroyed the recently remodeled restaurant operated by JOHN J. FOLEY, located at Hampton Center. On one of the coldest days recorded here, the fire broke out about 10 o'clock with a west high wind blowing. The flames fairly leaped across the street almost seeming to envelop the buildings on the opposite side. The fire department arriving very soon after, cut down the flames and held the fire within the restaurant's walls. Althought the Building Block was of wood construction, the fire did not cut through to the adjoining MILLER Stove Store, although much damage was done by water.
FEARER'S Shoe Store received a small amount of damage by water but it is thought that most of the shoe stock can be saved. MR. FEARER was partially covered by insurance.
The FOLEY Restaurant was a complete loss, MR. FOLEY having put in much new equipment since his opening. His loss was total as he had not placed any insurance on his fixtures.
The Kiwanis Club which used the new hall on the second floor recently conditioned, lost all of the Club's equipment including a fine piano loaned the Club by CHARLES E. GREENMAN, with the exception of the American Flag and Banner which fortunately were left at the High School Hall after the Sunday Dedication exercises.
MRS. COGGER who owns the Block stated that she was covered by insurance but had not decided upon future construction of the fire swept building.
WHile hunting for the smoke, the Restaurant Chef JAMES DOMINICK, went to the second floor, only to find the room a mass of flames and he was forced to jump from the second story window. Although bruised, he was not severely injured.
The firemen and Coast Guardsmen who came to help the Fire Department were badly frost bitten and were treated at the office of DR. C. BRICKETT BAILEY.
The extreme cold hampered the firemen as everything froze as the water touched the surface of an object.
The origin of the fire has not yet been determined after an extensive investigation by Fire Chief (GEORGE) LAMOTT and Police Chief (JEROME) HARKNESS.

The Hampton Union New Hampshire 1943-02-18