Nashua, NH Granite Overall Co Fire, Mar 1915

Girls Escape in Nashua

Fifty girl operatives employed in the Granite Overall Company's factory in Nashua, N. H., were driven to the streets over fire escapes yesterday, when fire destroyed the company's building. It was a three-story brick and wood structure. One girl was carried out unconscious, btu[sic] was later revived. The loss is estimated at $30,000.

A defectiev[sic] chimney on the second floor of the building known as the Cedarcrest Inn, Quincy avenue, East Braintree, yesterday afternoon, caused a fire damage of $3000. The building was occupied by Thomas Sullivan, who moved in on Saturday last. He lighted a fire in the fireplace of the front room. It is believed that sparks escaped through a defective place in the chimney in the second floor. The fire had gained considerable headway when it was discovered. A general alarm was ordered when the firemen reached the scene, but the whole interior of the building was wrecked.

Boston Morning Journal, Boston, MA 2 Mar 1915