Fitzwilliam, NH Tannery Fire, Aug 1867

FIRE IN FITZWILLIAM.---Mr. A. S. Kendall's tannery was totally destroyed by fire on Tuesday evening the 6th inst. The fire was at first discovered by Mrs. Kendall a few minutes after eleven o'clock. The alarm was immediately given and the fire engine was promptly on the spot, but the flames spread with such great rapidity that little else could be done than to save the adjoining property from destruction. A large quantity of bark which was piled up between the tannery and Mr.. Kendall's residence was mostly saved. Mr. G. L. Stearn's dwelling house was also saved, although at one time this was in great danger. The Hamilton engine company of Troy was sent for and as soon as possible they went to the assistance of their neighbors and rendered efficient service. The origin to the fire is unknown. When first discovered the building was a mass of flames, although several persons had passed by the place only a short time previous and discovered nothing wrong. An eye-witness says he never saw flames spread so rapidly as on this occasion. A few hides were saved but the building with nearly its whole contents was burned to the ground.

New-Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 15 Aug 1867