Dover, NH Cocheco Mfg Fire, 1907 - 4 Dead


The Dead Number Four and Financial Loss is Very Heavy.

Dover, N H, Jan. 28.--That only four lives were lost in the fire which destroyed No. 1 mill of the Cocheco Manufacturing company’s plant here was established when it was learned that all of the employes of the mill except four had been accounted for. Four
charred bodies were taken from the ruins and it is believed that these were the bodies of the four missing employes, all of whom were boys.

The fire broke out afresh Saturday night and burned throughout yesterday. From midnight until 7 o’clock Sunday morning the firemen worked in a temperature varying from 2 to 14 degrees below zero, and cases of frostbite and frozen extremities were numerous.

Medical Examiner Neal of Rochester came here and viewed the bodies of the victims. One of the bodies was identified as that of Josh Coskeren, aged 15, who was employed as a filling carrier in the weave room of the mill. It was impossible to identify the other bodies, but they are believed to be those of Alfred Barron, Constantine Gleopuplos and John Nicolopulos.

The injured are reported as out of [illegible] The fire yesterday burned down through the third, second and first floors into the basement.

Mill No 1 of the Cocheco plant, which manufactures cotton goods, was erected in 1877. It was the largest of several mills constituting the company’s plant here. The mill and contents were insured for between $500,00 and $600,00. Charles H. Fish, the local agent for the company, says that the work of rebuilding the mill will start at once.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 28 Jan 1907