Raymond, NH Drowning, Jul 1828

Drowned, in Raymond, on the 16th inst. Mr. Moses James of Candia, aged 19. Mr. J. in company with two or three intimate friends, rode from Candia to Raymond to have a little sport in fishing and having been exposed during the afternoon to several showers, his clothes had become wet, and towards evening, seeing a cove on the opposite side of the river, he attempted to swim the river, (which was about eight or ten rods wide) in order to fish in the cove. He threw his fishing rod into the water and entered therein himself, with all his clothes on, but had proceeded but a little distance when he was seized with a fit of coughing, which so far deprived him of his strength as to prevent his reaching the shore. In this situation, he called on his companions for assistance, who, not being able to swim, could afford him no aid; he being so far from them that they could extend nothing to him by which he might be drawn ashore. He continued to struggle in the water about fifteen minutes, his friends near witnessing his efforts to save himself, while they were preparing a raft with which they reached him on four minutes after life was extinct. The body, not having sunk, was taken immediately from the water, but the vital spark had taken its flight back to its Eternal Author. Mr. James was a youth of uncommon promise; possessing the unbounded esteem of all who knew him. He has left, not only doating[sic] parents, affectionate brothers and sisters, but a very large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his untimely death. But as he had in the morning of life made preparations for meeting death, whenever of however he might come, their sorrow is lessened by the reflection, that while they are deprived of his society on earth, he has for his society above the pure spirits the surround the throne of God.----Com.

New-Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 28 Jul 1828