Hampton Beach, NH Fire, Jul 1950


18 Buildings In Heart Of New Hampshire Summer Resort Destroyed

HAMPTON, BEACH, N. H., July 15 (AP)---A $500,000 flash fire roared through 18 buildings in the heart of this popular New Hampshire seaside resort Friday night.

It razed an entire wooden block, destroying one hotel, four restaurants, a penny arcade and several rooming houses and other business establishments. Another hotel was damaged.

No one was injured seriously. the 300 feet of ocean front property was burned in little more than an hour and a half. The blaze was checked before it reached the Casino, a huge dance hall.

The Chamber of Commerce arranged accommodations for many of the 100 vacation visitors who were left without shelter. Some who were on the beach in bathing suits at the time of the fire, lost their clothing, too.

The blaze apparently started in a small photo shop or restaurant stand in the rear of the totally destroyed Dudley hotel. It was battled by 11 fire departments. They dropped hose into the ocean to douse the area with sea water.

Three firemen were treated for smoke inhalation and six others suffered minor cuts. An 11-year-old boy was injured slightly when struck by an automobile at the scene.

John Malek, police chief, who estimated the damage, said there was some looting of burned buildings but that it was held to "a minimum."

Newport Daily News, Newport, RI 15 Jul 1950


SECTIONS of the beach were left in darkness as some power facilities failed.

Fanned by a brisk wind the blaze threatened for a time to sweep the entire beach front. Flames leaped 125 feet at the peak of the fire.

THE SWATH of destruction was an area about 100 yards square between B and D streets.

Included among business establishments wrecked were a Howard Johnson stand, Lea's restaurant, Doug's grille, Kelley's grille, Judkin's candy shop, the Exeter and Hampton Electric company's branch appliance display shop, and the Henry Dupuis real estate office.

THE AVON hotel was damage.

Valuable residential property is located north and south of the levelled area. One of the beach's better hotels, the Ashworth, is just south of the burned area.

Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, NH 16 Jul 1950

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