Meredith Bridge, NH Fire, Feb 1823

A cotton factory at Meredith, New-Hampshire was totally consumed on Thursday, the 12th inst; Such was the rapidity of the flames that the building was destroyed in 37 minutes, and of seven females, who were at work in the upper part of the building when the fire broke out and whose escape was cut off by the progress of the flames, six were compelled to leap from a window 30 feet from the ground, and were much injured in fractures and bruises, and one was taken, almost suffocated, from a small window. The factory contained 700 spindles and 20 looms; and the loss is estimated at between 25 and $30,000.

American Mercury, Hartford, CT 25 Feb 1823


Fire at Meredith.----A letter from Meredith gives us the following particulars: The fire caught from the picking machine, which stood at the westerly end of the factory, where the hands had all to pass in and out. It flashed over that end of the factory almost like lightning. A part of the hands made their escape that way, and some at the windows in the second story; but, shocking to relate, seven leaped from the windows in the third story, as the smoke and flames were bursting from every window. A ladder was raised for the two last, which was not long enough for them to reach from the window; one of them fell upon the ladder, catching hold of it, and came down not much hurt. The others had their bones broken and were otherwise very much bruised. The opinion is, that all but one will recover. The scene was shocking. The woolen factory very narrowly escaped, with several other buildings. The cotton cloth was principally saved. The loss is great, though not so large as was last week supposed---from $12 to $15,000, $4000 of which was insured at Boston about one week previous to the fire. Daniel Avery, Esq., is the principal sufferer in property.

New-Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette, Concord, NH 24 Feb 1823


FIRE.----The Meredith Cotton and Woollen[sic] Manufactory, at Meredith, N. H. was burnt on Friday last. One of the girls leaped from a window of the third story, and was killed. About two thirds of the Factory was the property of Daniel Avery, Esq. Loss estimated at $30,000. $4000 were insured.

Village Register and Norfolk County Advertiser, Dedham, MA 21 Feb 1823

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