Dover, NH Union Block Fire, Jan 1862

Fire in Dover, N. H.

DOVER, N. H., Monday, Jan. 6. "Union Block" was destroyed by fire this morning. It was occupied by traders, mechanics, physicians, and others, and was the most destructive conflagration in this town for many years. The loss is not estimated.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jan 1862


DOVER, N. H., Jan. 6. The Union Block on Central square, in this city, was found on fire this morning. The following stores and offices were burned out or injured by water; Levi Brown's store; Dr. P. A. Stackpole, dentist; Daniel H. Wendall, harness and trunk store; A. Frazier, tailor; Earl & Plummer, shoe store; Moses Lord, oyster saloon; M. Byrne, millinery goods; D. Lothrop & Co., apothecaries; G. S. Woodman, grocer; Drs. Thompson and Lindsey; F. F. Roman, oyster saloon, and E. T. Brigham, daguerreotype rooms. It was the most extensive fire that has occurred in this city for several years.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 9 Jan 1862