Durham, NH Head On Collision, Jul 1970


Durham, N.H. (UPI) - A flaming two-car crash on Rte. 108 early Saturday killed six persons. A seventh, the lone survivor, died hours later.
BURT RICHMOND, 20, of Newmarket, was pulled from the wreckage by a rescue team and was taken to Wentworth - Douglass Hospital in nearby Dover, where he later died.
Police said RICHMOND'S car spun out of control and collided with an oncoming car which burst into flames, killing its three occupants.
Killed in RICHMOND'S vehicle were THOMAS ABBOT, 19, of Madbury; GREGORY SAWYER, 18, of Durham, and ROXANNE DZIEDZIC, 17, of Newmarket.
The other victims, all in the second car, were identified as FRANK BLANCHARD, 19, and his wife, GAIL, 20, and LAWRENCE ROBIE, 15, all of Hill.
Police said BLANCHARD'S auto "went up like a bomb." BLANCHARD and his wife were burned beyond recognition while ROBIE was killed outright as he was thrown clear of the car.

Hartford Courant Connecticut 1970-07-26