Rochester, NH Flood, Apr 1895

Slight Change Reported

Rochester, N. H., April 16 There is a slight material change in the condition of the roads and it is thought the trains will run between here and Intervale Junction by making two transfers between Ossipee Valley and West Ossipee, and the other between Milton and Union. The Lake Shore train started to get through and it is doubtful if it is successful.

The water in the Cocheco is slowly falling. Freight on the Northern Division are discontinued with the exception of one between here and Conway Junction. The danger of the dam giving away at Cocheco mills, East Rochester is over. A large quantity of boards from the mill of C F Trask & Co, have floated away.

The Concord river is overflowing its banks. Belvidere Woolen Mills have shut down and the yard is swamped. The New England Bunting Company have also shut down.

Front street, on the Merrimac, is flooded and cellars are full, as is the case on Howe street. Davidson street on the Merrimac is flooded and it was impossible for the letter carriers to deliver mail there this morning. It is feared the residents will have to use boats to reach their homes. If the rise continues White Bros tannery near the mouth of the Concord, will be obliged to vacate their basement.

At Stoots Mill the water is one foot higher than when the mill started this morning and they expect to be obliged to shut down shortly.

In Centralville the residents had fears early this morning that the bridge on that side of the river would collapse. The water is washing away everything on the north side of the abutment to such an extent that the road bed of the electric road which is paved with granite blocks is settling, and a policeman is on duty there this morning to keep people from falling through. Workmen are at work endeavoring to stem the flood. The cars are only running to each end of the bridge.

The Lowell Felting Mill was obliged to shut down. A portion of the valuable machinery is covered with water and all the company’s storehouses but one is filled with water. The company’s horses were also removed from the stables on account of the flood.

Several dwellings near the ice houses of D Gage, Pawtucket street, are surrounded by water. The residents in the vicinity of Pawtucket dam are obliged to use boats to get to and from their houses.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, Me 17 Apr 1895