Dover, NH Boathouse Fire, Aug 1933


Dover, Aug. 3.--An old wooden boat house on the banks of the Cocheco belonging to the Pacific mills was completely destroyed by fire yesterday morning at 3 o'clock. The building is not believed to be insured and the loss is small, according to H. A. Newton, agent of the mills.

The fire had gained such headway by the time Boston and Maine railroad employes{sic}, working on a sh{ineligible} engine discovered the blaze and had rung in Box 16, summoning Combination 1, Engine 1, and Ladder 1, that firemen found the building burned flat on their arrival.

The boathouse had not been occupied by the company for about 15 years. It was built for employes{sic} of the mill by Agent Charles Fish but during recent years the boathouse had not been in use.

Fire Chief Carroll M. Nash stated that he believed the fire was set by tramps.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 3 Aug 1933