Portsmouth, NH Drowning Rescue, Jun 1903


Lyons Boy Pulled Out Of River By James Beane.

But for the courage and presence of mind of a young man named James Beane, Luke Lyons, a lad about ten years of age, would have been drowned Sunday afternoon. As it was, his escape was a very narrow one and the combined efforts of two physicians were required to save him.

The accident, which so nearly resulted fatally, occurred about ten o'clock. Young Lyons was playing about the P. K. & Y. ferry landing and, going too near the edge fell into the river. He was swept some distance out into the stream by the swift current and sank. He rose to the surface, but went down again at once.

At this moment Beane came down to the landing to take the boat for Kittery and took in the situation at a glance. He saw the bubbles caused by the drowning boy's breath rising to the surface and without an instant's hesitation dove straight for them.

He found he body of the now senseless lad, brought it to the surface and then made for the shore. The rocks along the margin of the river, however, were wet and slippery and burdened as he was Beane was unable to gain a foothold on them. It was not until three bystanders formed a line and went to his assistance that the young man was able to make his way over the rocks.

Lyons had been in the water a long time and appeared to be lifeless when finally brought to land. Doctors Locke and Burnham were summoned and after working sometime succeeded in resuscitating him.

Beane was taken in charge by some of his friends and provided with dry clothing.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 15 Jun 1903