Pembroke, NH Manufacturing Plants Fire, Jun 1900


Three Manufacturing Plants at East Pembroke, N. H., Lie in Ashen.

Suncook, N. H., June 16.—Three manufacturing plants, all industries in the village of East Pembroke on Suncook river three miles from here, were burned this morning causing a direct financial loss estimated to be about $32,000.

The burned buildings include the plant of the Hawley Box Factory Company, the grain mill of H. C. Fisher, and a factory used by him in the manufacturing of axe handles and similar wood products.

The fire started in the engine house of the box factory and in short period of time all the wooden buildings in the vicinity were a mass of flames.

The inflamable{sic} nature of the property in the village made the situation hazardous. A highway bridge over the river and a number of dwellings caught fire and were only prevented from being reduced to ashes by the timely arrival of aid.

The loss on the Hawley Company’s property is placed at $25,000, insurance $13,000; Mr. Fisher’s loss is $7,000, insurance only $2,000.

The Hawley company has several factories throughout New England, and it is not known whether the plant here will be reconstructed or not. The damage to the bridge and dwelling houses is not heavy.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 16 Jun 1900