Greenland, NH Brush Fire, Mar 1930


Barn And Much Young Growth Destroyed; Aid Called From This City, Hampton And No. Hampton

A brush fire that extended over nearly 300 acres and for a time threatened to sweep over several miles of woodland broke out in Greenland on the Winnicut road Sunday noon and aid was called from this city, North Hampton and Hampton. The fire burned over the property of Mrs. Albert R. Hatch, Charles H. Brackett, and Howard H. Hooper farm was destroyed. The hay in the barn was owned by Charles H. Brackett and Raymond Sturtevant.

The fire started in young growth and fanned by a high wind swept through a pasture to another tract of larger growth on the Hooper farm and then destroyed the barn. It was headed for a thick woods near the North Hampton line when checked by the large number of fire fighters a great many volunteers assisting the firemen.

The fire burned a stretch from the Winnicut road nearly to the North Hampton road a distance of nearly a mile. The fire swept through and destroyed a large lot of cordwood owned by Arthur Thompson and Frank Floyd. Nearly all of the timber destroyed was young growth but some of the trees had reached a good size.

The fire looked very threatening for a time and the fire-fighters had a hard battle before it was under control.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 17 Mar 1930