Portsmouth, NH Train Accident, May 1898


Bad Accident at the B and M Depot Last Evening

There came very near being a fatal accident at the Boston and Maine freight yard in this city early Wednesday evening, May 25th. John Hines, a brakeman, thirty-five years of age, fell from the top of a milk car while the train was pulling into the yard narrowly escaped being killed. The accident happened near the machine shop about five o'clock. Hines was on top fo the car, when in some manner he slipped , the top of the car being wet, and fell heavily to the ground.

Conductor Hilton, who was in charge of the freight, and several train hands, immediately ran to his assistance, as soon as the train could be stopped. Hines lay in a kind of stupor unable to get up although he tried to several times. A stretcher was procured and he was taken in a job team to the Cottage hospital.

On the way down, Dr. Towle was notified and arrived there about the time the injured man did. Upon examination his left leg was found broken, just above the knee, and he was badly bruised and shaken up. It is feared he is injured internally but at this writing this is not known for sure.

Hines is a married man and has a wife and child living in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Dr. Towle set the broken leg and made him as comfortable as possible but he was suffering great pain across his back.

This morning Hines was reported to be fairly comfortable. he passed rather a bad night on account of his back bothering him a good deal, but that was to be expected after receiving the fall he did.

There is no doubt but what he will pull though but it will take time and it will be months before he can return to work.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 26 May 1898