Derry, NH Auto Wreck, Mar 1930


Ettore Scarponi of P. H. S. Basketball Team Injured

Some of the High School basketball players were in an accident Saturday night while returning from the game in Nashua. The car driven by Submaster E. Bliss Marriner went off the road at the S curve just outside of Derry and went down over an embankment into a field. This is one of the worst S curves in the state and the scene of many accidents. Mr. Mariner was not driving fast but the sharp double curve caused his car to swing wide and go through a fence and into the field.

Ettore Scarponi, center on the team, was the only one in the car who was injured. He received a bad gash on his left arm and Coach Brackett, who, was following in another car, gave him first aid treatment and then had the wound cared for by a physician in Derry.

Mr. Mariner's car was badly damaged, a front wheel being smashed and the running board ripped off.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 3 Mar 1930