Suncook, NH Fire, Mar 1894



Conflagration a Great Blow to the Town---Miraculous Escape From Destruction of a $7000,000 Mill.

Concord, N. H., April 2. ---The most disastrous conflagration known in the history of the town of Suncook occurred Saturday night. Thirty-eight families were rendered homeless, and three large blocks are now a mass of ruins. The loss is about $35,000, and the blow to the town of Suncook will be felt for years to come. It was only a miracle that saved the large china mill plant, estimated to be worth $700,000, and three large warehouses a few rods away, containing 1500 bales of cotton, barely escaped destruction.

A canvass made by the selectmen shows that over 350 people are homeless, with hardly enough clothing to cover their backs. The people were all employes of the cotton mill, and are French. They lived in blocks like sardines, and were, as a whole, very poor. It was a distinctive settlement of its own, and comprised most of the working people of Suncook.

The selectmen immediately took steps to relieve the suffering and clothe the naked. The citizens responded nobly, and the burned out are all comfortably located. One of the mill managers says the families will average seven persons each, and this, with the 80 boarders in the second block burned, will make it about 400 people that lose everything.

How all of the small children got out of the blocks at that time of night is miraculous, and beyond a few slight burns, nothing serious is reported.

The Lowell Daily Sun, Lowell, MA 2 April 1894