Raymond, NH Fire, Dec 1892

A New Hampshire Town in Ashes

Manchester, N. H. Dec. 6.---The town of Raymond, this morning, is in ashes, having been swept almost entirely away by a conflagration that started at 11.30 last night.

The town has no fire department, not even a hydrant. Aid was sent from Manchester and Portsmouth, but could not arrive in time to save the town. Twenty-five buildings were destroyed. The business section is completely wiped out and many private dwellings are consumed. The total loss is estimated at $110,000, quite frailly insured.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 6 Dec 1892



Large Portion of Raymond, N. H., May Be reduced to Ashes.

Portsmouth, N. H. Dec. 6 --- The town of Raymond, a small place about twenty miles from this city, is in flames. The fire first broke out about 11 o’clock last night in Pythian hall, over J. H. Watts’ drugstore. The post office and telephone office were burned out. A message asking for assistance from the fire departments was sent to Manchester and Portsmouth, and both responded, but owing to the headway which the fire had gained it is doubtful if much can be saved.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 6 Dec 1892