Canaan, NH Train Wreck, Sept 1907

Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 5 Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 8 Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 4 Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 6 Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 1.jpg Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 3.jpg Canaan, New Hampshire Train Wreck, Sept 1907 2.jpg

Concord, N. H., Sept. 16.-- The investigation by the officials of the Boston & Maine Railroad of the collision of trains on the Concord division, near Canaan early yesterday morning, by which 25 passengers of the Quebec express lost their lives and nearly 39 were injured, occupied the entire time of heads of the system today. General Supt., C. E. Lee and Assistant Supt., G. H. Folger of Boston with William F. Ray, superintendent of the Concord division, examined the records in the train dispatcher’s office here and also made a careful investigation at Canaan and other stations along the line of the Concord division, in an effort to determine just who was responsible for the blunder by which the two trains were brought together. The proceedings of the examination were secret, but it is known that J. A. Browley, the train dispatcher in this city, and Operator Greeley, the man who received the order from the train dispatcher at the station in Canaan, were particularly questioned. After the examination of these men at the office of Division Supt. Ray, the railway officials, accompanied by Operator Greeley left for the scene of the accident in a special tram.

At Canaan the officials visited the wreck and examined the records of the operators at the station and then went on to White River Junction, stopping at various stations on the way, to interview telegraph operators at those points. After reaching White River Junction and inspecting the records there at the railroad office, they returned to this city.

Just what action will be taken by the authorities of Grafton county, in which the town of Canaan is located, has not been determined. County Solicitor M. D. Cobleigh of Lebanon said tonight that no move has been made as yet on the part of the state.

“It is necessary,” Mr. Cobleigh said, “to wait until the investigation which is being conducted by the office of the medical referee, in conjunction with the inquiry of the railroad officials shan’t have thrown the blame upon some one person.”

“There is a possibility,” indeed Mr. Cobleigh, that witnesses may be taken before the grand jury which comes in at Woodsville on Wednesday of this week This action, however, has not been positively decided upon.

Mr. Cobleigh also suggested that it was likely that the railroad commissioners might decide to begin an investigation of the wreck and in that case they would probably drop all other business before them and conduct their inquiry immediately.

All the victims of the wreck have now been identified, the final identifications having been made tonight. The list of 25 is as follows: