Warner, NH Drownings 1794-1879

Capt. Francis Davis (the founder of Davisville) was drowned at Derry, Nov. 26, 1784.

John Weed, in crossing Bagley’s bridge, fell over into the river and was drowned. This took place about the year 1785.

A young daughter of Wells Davis was drowned in a well, at the North village, about 1795.

Miriam Goodwin and Judith Elliot, two young ladies, were drowned in the river near where the Fair Ground bridge now stands. One of these was the daughter of Ezekiel Goodwin, at the Dea. Bailey place, and the other the daughter of Isaac Elliot, near the Capt. Nat. Flanders place. A tree had fallen across the river at this point, on which people were accustomed to pass and repass. There was a bridge over the river, but it was down where the depot now is. These girls came down from home, crossed the river, hand in hand, on the trunk of this tree, went to Dr. Hall’s, and to another place, to invite their young friends to a party, and then started on their return. Both were drowned. Their bodies were recovered the next day, one’s hand firmly clasped in that of the other. This occurred not far from 1805.

William Colby, son of David, senior, was drowned in Warner river, in the great freshet of Feb. 14, 1824.

Daniel Flood, a son-of the original Daniel, was drowned in the Pemigewasset at Franklin.

Mr. John Foster, who came from Hudson to Warner in 1830, was drowned at the dam on Willow brook in 1850.

Lorenzo Colby, a son of Barnard, was drowned at Melvin’s mill in 1850, aged about twenty years.

Joseph Fisk, son of John, was drowned in Warner river in 1851, aged about 17.

A son of Abel B. Waldron was also drowned in Warner river.

A son of Lorenzo Ferrin was drowned at the old John Colby abutment in Warner river.

Samuel Kelley, a youth from fifteen to twenty years of age, son of Caleb, was drowned at Waterloo.

A son of T. D. Robertson was drowned at the Badger bridge in Warner river.

Nehemiah Ordway, enfeebled by age, made a misstep on the Willaby Colby road, fell down the embankment into the river, and was drowned.

The history of Warner, New Hampshire : for one hundred and forty-four years, from 1735 to 1879, pages 535-538