Exeter, NH Cotton Mills Fire, Mar 1893


Loss $250,000--Two Hundred and Forty Hands Made Idle.

Exeter, N. H., March 15.--Fire broke out in the Exeter cotton mills about 4 a.m. It started in the basement, and burned up through the building, destroying the engine room and the older part of the mill, which was destroyed once before.

The new part of the mill was saved. The fire was under control at 9:30.

Loss estimated at $250,000.

Two hundred and forty hands are thrown out of employment.

Help was summoned from neighboring places.

The building destroyed was a five-story structure, 250 feet along, and was equipped
with 10,000 speniles [sic] and twelve pair of mules and contained all the carding machinery. The new mill, which was of nearly equal size, and which was built in 1876,
was only slightly damaged by smoke and water. The old mill, so-called was practically a new building that was destroyed by a $100,000 fire in 1887.

Middletown Daily Press, Middletown, NY 15 Mar 1893