Manchester, NH Squog River Drowning, Jun 1903


Lambert's Companions Went To His Aid Too Late

Manchester, June 10.--George Lambert, seventeen years old, of 290 Dubuque street, McGregorville, was drowned in the Squog river this noon while swimming with some young fellow employes[sic] from the Baldwin shop of the American Bobbin company. The body was quickly recovered. It was viewed by Dr. George M. Davis, medical referee, and was taken to the home of Lambert's grief-stricken parents, Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Lambert, by Undertaker Gadbois.

Elmer Quimby of 20 Pleasant street said that Lambert had been skylarking in the river on a board. When he went down they thought he was still tooling, until somebody noticed the bubbles on the water where Lambert had gone down.

Quimby dove without delay and brought the body of his young companion to the surface. Lambert was dead. The police notified the medical referee.

It is said that Lambert violated one of the most important rules for swimmers in the "going in" directly after a hearty meal. Cramps, the doctors say, were to have been expected under the circumstances.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 11 Jun 1903