Portsmouth, NH Furnace Accident, Jun 1906


Caught Inside a Furnace Filled With Flame

William Ryan, boilermaker in the steam engineering department at the navy yard, was badly burned on Friday afternoon while at work in the furnace of one of the boilers of the collier Hannibal.

Ryan was working with a new device known as a Buckeye kerosene heating torch and the apparatus failed to work as usual. He was trying to properly adjust it, when it suddenly took fire and the oil blazed up, filling the firebox with flame. He fought the flames as well as he could.

By keeping his hat before his face, Ryan stopped the flames from burning it. His hand were badly burned, as were his legs and back of his head.

With his clothing blazing he crawled out of the furnace door and the workmen extinguished the flames.

He was taken to the hospital and after medical attendance there he was sent to his home in this city.

Ryan is an expert mechanic and a man who has the confidence of the department officials where he works, all of whom hope that he will soon recover.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 9 Jun 1906