Nashua, NH Fire, Apr 1870

They spread rapidly until this and the adjoining building of O.H. Phillips were burnt to the ground, and the Post Office buildings of the Nashua Card and Glazed Paper Company, on Pearson's Avenue, and Dearborn and Berry's Building.  Joseph Barker's buildings on Water street were in imminent danger, and at one time the residence of J. N. Barr on Franklin street was in flames, but was speedily extinguished. Several of the firemen were hurt by the falling buildings.  The following are the losses, with list of insurance;  First Parish Church, loss $20,000---insured for $3,000;  Jas. Pierce, the building under the church, loss $12,000---no insurance; J. L. Pierce, Crockery, etc., loss $10,000---no insurance;  Barr & Co., Hardware, loss $15,000---insured for $12,000; same firm, a stable, insured; Couch & Marshall, fruit, total loss, ins.; $10,000----insured $7,000; Lyman Ingalls, barber, loss slight, insured; F. E. Tupper, dwelling house and furniture, loss considerable---insured; Nott's building, slightly damaged, covered by insurance; at Post Office building owned by V. C. Gilman, loss about $3000---insured;  G. W. Badger, Painter, loss slight; at Nashua Post Office, moved nearly every thing without much loss;  at Mrs. Dr. Dow, loss slight; E. A. Wallace, dwelling, loss slight;  W. H. W. Ball, loss $400---no insurance; Kimball & Richardson, Insurance Agents, loss slight;  Vickery & Co., office, loss slight;  C. H. Campbell, office, loss slight; at E. P. Emerson, office, loss slight;  at Warren F. Spaulding, furniture, etc., loss considerable, insured; S. C. Hamilton, photographer, loss $1000---insured;  Nashua Glazed Paper Company, loss $1000---insured;  Dearborn & Berry's building, loss $2500, insured;  R. W. Berry, printer, loss $1000---insured $3000;  G. E. Richardson, jeweler, loss slight---insured;  March & Beard, boots and shoes, loss slight---insured;  Joseph Barker building and saloon, loss $2500---insured for $3000;  at Exchange Building, owned by J. L. Bowers, partial loss---insured $3000; Nashua Hibernian Society, loss $350---no insurance;  N. P. Green, books, etc. damage heavy---insured $1000; Parker & Bowers, tailors, damaged by water---insured; at Nashua Savings Bank, loss of furniture only; at  A. McKean & Co., bankers, do.;  W. W. Bailey, attorney at law, do;  J. H. Thurber, insurance agent, do.;  H. M. Goodrich, damage to block, $3500---insured;  Frank M. Crane, druggist, loss slight;  J. A. Wheat & Son, dry goods, loss slight;  C. D. & E. J. Copp, books, etc., loss slight.  The insurance companies interested as far as known are the Phoenix, City Fire, and Hartford, of Hartford;  Springfield, of Springfield; Merchants' and Farmers; People's and Bay State, of Worcester;  Home, of New Haven;  Lorillard, of New York;  National and Howard, of Boston, and others.

The origin of the fire is unknown;  the rumors that there had been soldering done on the belfry, or smoking by the workmen, is contradicted.  There was a rehearsal by the choir in a room in the church Saturday evening, and a fire left all safe a little after 9 o'clock.  The probability is that a spark passed from the chimney to the belfry, and kindled.  The idea of incendiarism precluded.

The Farmers' Cabinet, Amherst, NH 21 Apr 1870