Nashua, NH Fire, Apr 1870

Great Fire in Nashua.

About half past ten Saturday evening fire was discovered in the belfry of the First Congregational Church in Nashua. The fire could have been put out with a gallon of water at first, but fanned by the wind the whole tower was soon enveloped, and owing to the great altitude of the flames no water could be thrown to any effect. The first story of the church was owned by Mr. Jas. L. Pierce and occupied by himself as a crockery store, and by Barr & Co. as a hardware store. Among the stock of these two was paper in a large quantity and oils and varnishes. The building was completely on fire in fifteen minutes from the first alarm, and was consumed, together with Phillips' building. Half a dozen other buildings were more or less injured, but no more were consumed. Summons was sent to Lowell and Manchester for aid and one engine was sent from the former place and two from the latter, but on their arrival the fire was so far under control that that they were not unloaded.

Two firemen were knocked off an awning during the fire, and one of them, George Bowler, badly hurt. Two other persons were injured. Fires from the flying cinders of course arose on all sides, and it was only by great exertion that the buildings on Water street escaped from being inflamed by the intense heat. A large stable and the building of the Nashua Glazed Paper Company were much endangered at times. The following are the losses and insurance as computed by the Telegraph:

First Cong'l Society, $20,000 $5,000
James L. Pierce, 20,000
O. H. Phillips, 10,000 7,000
Barr & Co., 20,000 11,000
Couch & Marshal, 5,000 4,500
L. Ingalls, 200 350
F. E. Tupper, 500 800
Post Office building, 2,500 6,000
S. C. Hamilton, 2,000 1,500
W. H. W. Ball, 400
Goodrich Block, 3,000 20,000
Exchange Building, 1,200 3,000
Parker & Bowers, 1,500 3,500
N. P. Greene, 2,000 4,000
W. W. Bailey, 100 500
Joseph Barker, 1,500 3,000
Joseph Tabor, 500 300
Hibernian Society, 350
Dearborn & Berry, 1,200 2,500
R. W. Berry, 1,000 3,000
Murch & Beard, 1,000 3,500
George E. Richardson, 1,000 2,000
William Weaver, 200 300
Total $94,800 $79,250

The New Hampshire Patriot, Concord, NH 20 Apr 1870


Another Great Fire at Nashua.
Loss $100,000.

A fire was discovered in or near the belfry of the First Congregational Church on Main street about ten o'clock Saturday evening.  The alarm was immediately given, but the extreme height and the combustible character of the wooden building, together with high wind prevailing at the time, soon put the flames beyond the control of the firemen.

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