Swanzey, NH Fire, Jun 1890

Fire at Swanzey.

One of the dry houses at Munsell's box shops, at Swanzey Factory caught fire about five o'clock last Wednesday afternoon and as there was no force pump at the mills, the destruction of all property in that vicinity was threatened. A bucket line was formed and the fire kept somewhat in check for a while. In the mean time a telephone message was sent to Keene for assistance. The message was received by Engineer Haines about 6 o'clock, and he immediately ordered out Steamer No. 2 and the hose wagon, with about a dozen men. The bay horses and the grey mare belonging to the city were attached to the steamer and the grey colts to the hose wagon. the trip to Swanzey was made in about fifteen minutes. Two lines of hose were then laid and the fire soon subdued. The engine threw excellent fire streams, burning waste wood after using up what coal she carried. The apparatus returned about 8 p. m. Mr. Munsell lost one dry house and its contents. The loss is estimated at $600.

New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 25 Jun 1890