Hanover, NH FLood, Apr 1895

HANOVER, N. H., April 14.---For forty-two hours rain has fallen here steadily. Every stream has overflowed its banks, and is bringing down ice, logs, and debris, and submerging fields and meadows seldom touched by Spring floods. Highways are badly washed, and in places they are several feet under water.

The Connecticut River is 12 feet higher than its natural level, and at 6 P. M. was rising about 1 foot per hour. Boathouses hitherto untouched by freshets are in danger. The river will continue to rise all night, even if it stops raining, and it is likely that by morning the water will be higher than it has been before within the memory of the oldest inhabitants. There are no indications of an abatement of the storm.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Apr 1895