Peel, NB Crushed by Millwheel, Jun 1867

An inquest was held before William L. Drier, Esq., 17th inst. on view of the body of James F. s/o Enoch TOMPKINS of Peel (Carleton Co.) who came to his death as follows: Four small lads left their home Sunday last and went to a new mill of Obediah TOMPKINS in the course of erection about one mile from their home in the forest. There was an overshot water- wheel in the course of construction which was completed, with the exception of two joints of cast iron cogs, which were not on. Consequently the wheel was out of balance and by some means unknown the heavy side of the wheel was left up. Young TOMPKINS, age 7, stepped from the upper flat of the mill on the top of the wheel and partly into one of the buckets. His weight put the wheel in motion and he was carried down and crushed to pieces between the wheel and one of the timbers of the mill, causing instant death.