Reno, NV Air Race Disaster, Sep 2011

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"We would like to see if we can keep it open," the mayor said about the air race and its future.
One local hospital, Renown Medical Center, received 34 patients, six of whom were in critical condition as of Saturday evening, a spokeswoman said. Two of the six critical patients suffered major head injuries and their prognosis is "guarded," according to Dr. Myron Gomez, chief of trauma service. Two patients - a male and a female - died, the hospital said Friday.
Dr. Mike Morkin, the medical director of emergency services at the hospital, was on duty when the call about the crash came in Friday.
"The severity of this accident was the worst I've seen since I've been at Renown," Morkin, a 16-year veteran at the hospital, said, adding "it was traumatic."
Renown South Meadows Medical Center received and discharged five patients, the hospital said Saturday.
St. Mary's Hospital in Reno said it had accepted 28 patients from the accident two were in critical condition, seven in serious condition, and five in fair condition as of Saturday afternoon.
Fourteen other patients were treated and released Friday.
The pilot, identified as JIMMY LEEWARD, a real estate developer from Ocala, Florida, was killed in the crash, according to a show official. The 74-year-old was flying a P-51 Mustang.
Saturday races were canceled in the wake of the crash, the show said. A memorial service scheduled for the pilot in Reno was also canceled because his family left the area, said Valerie Miller, a race spokeswoman.
A day before the crash, in an interview from Airshow TV, LEEWARD expressed confidence about his prospects in the race - while hinting that his team would fly even faster in the days to come.
"We're as fast as anybody in the field, and maybe even faster," he said. "We've been playing poker since last Monday, so we're ready to show a couple more cards (so) we'll see what happens."
Several witnesses were calling the pilot a hero because he maneuvered the plane away from the crowded grandstands at the last moment.
Ben Cissell said the plane crashed about 100 feet from where he was seated.