Ashland, NE Flood, Jul 1908




Two bodies Were Seen Being Carried Down the Stream--Life Boat Service to be Established.

ASHLAND, Neb., July 9.--Work, was begun today in filling in the approach to the Main street bridge which was washed away by the recent flood and the waters have so subsided that direct communication with the Burlington station is expected tomorrow. Mail and passengers were taken over yesterday and today by boat. A large force of men are working on the Burlington’s main line bridge across the Platte and other bridge crews are at work across Salt creek on the Schuyler branch. It is expected that both lines will be in operation by tonight. The bridge crew of the Canton Bridge company is also at work saving as much material as possible of the new Silver street bridge which was washed away. The steel approach across Salt creek on Third street was completely wrecked and nothing will be done toward replacing it until the county commissioners visit this city. Practically all of the telephone lines have been repaired and communications established with the neighboring cities.

The flood sufferers are still being cared for by the city council and the citizens’ committee. Most of them are housed in the old Baptist church. The city council last night placed all of the flooded district under police control and issued an order forbidding residents occupying any houses that were submerged before the same have been properly cleaned and disinfected the mayor permitting their occupancy. The city council also took steps toward securing two large boats to be placed under the control of the fire department. These boats will be placed in the two hose cart houses on each side of Salt creek for use in an emergency. Contests and prizes will be established for the most proficiency exhibited by teams from the various fire companies in the manipulation of these boats. Steps are also being taken for establishing throughout the city of a system of gongs to be rung from the local telephone offices in case of fire, flood and other disaster.

During the recent flood little trouble was experienced on the Wahoo and Platte bottom land except for back water that was forced up these streams for some distance. Little damage was sustained by the electric light plant on Wahoo creek.

The body of W. P. SNELL who was drowned the night of the flood has not yet been recovered although a continued search is being maintained. A reward of $75 has been offered by James Snell, his brother, for the recovery of the body. The drowning of Mr. Snell and the great destruction of property has given the people who formerly occupied the lowlands a bad scare and a number have rented or purchased property in the higher part of the town and will abandon their former homes entirely.

It is asserted by men who were engaged in the rescue of the people stranded in the flood that during the early morning hours Tuesday, two bodies were seen floating on the current of Salt creek. The amount of wreckage carried by Ashland was enormous and has attracted a large crowd to the banks of the stream for the past two days. A dog sitting on a floor of a house floated by at one time and yesterday a piano with a banjo and violin upon its top was swept by.

Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 10 July 1908