Kilgore, NE Train Wreck, Aug 1908

Two Die in Wreck

Stockmen Killed in Rear End Colision [sic] at Kilgore.

Another Fatally Injured

Four Victims in Accident and Collision at Kilgore.

Heavy Freight Crashes Into Caboose of Sheep Train Demolishing It - Bodies of Dead Taken to Valentine.

Valentine, Neb., Aug. 30. - In a rear-end collision on the Northwestern railroad at Kilgore, Neb, this morning at 3 o'clock, two men were killed and one was so badly hurt that he will die. Another was seriously injured. All four victims were stock men from Norwood, Wyo. The dead:


Fatally injured:
Malcomb M. Hawkins

Badly hurt:
S.F. Brower

These men were in a caboose of a sheep train east bound when a heavy east bound freight crashed into the rear end of their train, which was then taking the siding at Kilgore. The engine of the freight train was derailed and the caboose was demolished and burned.

Mr. Hawkins was so badly injured that it is not believed he will recover. Mr. Brower had one shoulder crushed, was burned about the hips and legs and received a number of scalp wounds.

The bodies were brought here this morning and placed in the care of Undertaker Hornby. The injured men were left at the home of Mrs. Sears for care.

An inquest will be held at 10 o'clock today.

Two car loads of sheep were wrecked, many of the sheep being killed.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 31 Aug 1908


Identical Wreck but in 1928

October 21, 1928: Relative was killed in a rear-end collision between two Chicago and North western stock trains at 1:00 Near Kilgore NE. Two train men were injured and three car loads of livestock burned in the wreck which derailed six cars.