Elmwood, NE Tornado, Apr 1919

Elmwood, NE Tornado, Apr 1919

Near the town of Elmwood, midway between Lincoln and Omaha, two farm houses were partly wrecked and one completely demolished. Outbuildings on two of these farms were blown away. At the farm of George Lenz, which was totally wrecked, Mrs. Lenz was carried 200 feet in the air and deposited in the orchard, but escaped with slight injuries. Some livestock was killed at this place, and wheat fields were badly damaged by a fall of hail which followed the wind.

The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 7 Apr 1919



LINCOLN, Neb. (AP)---Wire communication in parts of southeastern Nebraska was crippled Monday as a result of violent windstorms which swept over that portion of the state Sunday night. The greatest damage, reports indicate, was at Elmwood, Neb., where several farmhouses were badly damaged and telephone poles were leveled. No loss of life occurred.

At Elmwood, where the storm reached the proportion of a tornado, every building on the farm of George Lenz was destroyed.

Mrs. Lenz was alone in the house at the time. When she heard the approach of the storm she climbed into bed with her 5 weeks old baby. The wind picked up the bed, carried it through the air for 200 feet and then deposited it on a pile of brush.

Neither Mrs. Lenz nor the baby was injured.

The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 8 Apr 1919



Elmwood, Neb., April 6. -- A photo of the Elmwood Nebraska tornado of April 1919 (at top of page)

- Stu Beitler