Greenwood, NE Tornado, May 1903

Tells of Work of Cyclone

Great damage in the vicinity of Greenwood

The report of the terrific effects of a cyclone which visited the vicinity of Greenwood, Cass county, Tuesday, is detailed by Colonel John S. Foster, who was in the city Friday.

"The first place where damage of consequences was done," he said, "was on the farm of Kim Reece, two and one-half miles out of Greenwood. The twister suddenly dropped down early in the morning and tore things all to pieces. Horses were taken up and dashed to the ground, dead. Cattle, pigs and chickens were all killed." Not a vestige of Mr. Foster's fine barn remains except the foundation. The residence was not injured. [Transcriber note: should that read Mr. Reece ????]

"The farm house of Mr. Hartsook was stuck west of town and demolished to the extent that no trace of it can be found. The family ran into the cellar and escaped injury. Two horses which were tied together were picked up and carried half a mile and set down alive, still tied together. The only things on the Hartsook farm that have been found in a watch, a top of a center table and a part of a picture. the trees near the house were torn from their roots,' continued Mr Foster.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 30 May 1903