Grand Island, NE Two Vehicle Crash, Aug 1970


Grand Island (UPI) - Eight persons were dead and 10 persons hospitalized Monday following a late Saturday night collision of two vehicles containing 19 persons. The accident occurred at a Platte River bridge on old Highway 281, two miles south of here.
Six of the dead, occupants of a northbound sedan, were identified as LOIS PLUMLEY, 20; FELIZ PLUMLEY, 2; KENNETH PLUMLEY, 18 months; KAREN WARNKE, 18; KEVIN JAMES, 13; and SUSAN DIXON 12, all of Grand Island.
Two fatalities from Fremont, identified by the Nebraska State Patrol as occupants of a southbound station wagon, were RANA KISTER, 11, and LARRY KISER, 13 months.
Occupants of the station wagon hospitalized in Grand Island were identified by the patrol as MORRIS KISER, 36, critical, driver; his wife, PATRICIA, 29, very critical; SUE KISER, 2, fair; and DENISE KISER, 4, guarded, all of Fremont; and CANDACE SCHMIDT, 7 critical, and KIMBERLY SCHMIDT, 5, guarded, both of Doniphan.
Occupants of the sedan injured were ALBERT UMMEL, JR., 14, critical; PAM SMITH, 16, guarded; GERRY LYNN ROOT, 13, guarded; MICHAEL McCARTHY, 15, critical; and RODNEY WILLIAMS, 18, not hospitalized, all of Grand Island.
The patrol said seven of the fatalities were killed outright and KENNETH PLUMLEY died at a Grand Island hospital Sunday.
The patrol said the sedan containing 11 persons was headed back toward Grand Island when it struck the south edge of the bridge, traveled up the guard rail and fell off, landing on top of the oncoming station wagon with eight vacation bound passengers. They were driving toward the home of relatives of the SCHMIDT children who live about 12 miles south of here. The KISERS were related to the SCHMIDTS, the patrol said, and another car containing other members of the SCHMIDT family were in an auto ahead of the KISER car.
A number of occupants were thrown from the vehicles and young UMMEL landed on a sandbar in the river which probably saved his life.
Spokesmen for the patrol said the driver of the sedan had not been determined late Sunday and no reason had been given for the large number of persons riding in that car.

Columbus Telegram Nebraska 1970-08-10