Norfolk, NE Auto Crashes Into Embankment, Feb 1941



Tilden, Neb. (UP) - Four persons were killed and a fifth was injured probably fatally when a speeding automobile left the highway four miles west of here, traveled 60 feet in mid air and smashed against an embankment at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Highway patrolmen who investigated expressed belief that one of the passengers on the car had grabbed the steering wheel just as the machine was approaching a bridge.
The dead:
MR. and MRS. TOM CLINE, operators of a tavern at Oakdale, each, 34;
WILHAM KING, 39, of Oakdale;
and BERNARD HULL, 29, of Oakdale.
MRS. HULL is in a Norfolk hospital, unconscious and not expected to recover. The car was owned by HULL, who was driving.
The four were instantly killed as the flying car struck the embankment and was split wide open, Lieut. C. J. Sanders and Corp. E. L. Shottler of the highway patrol believe. MRS. CLINE was thrown from the car and her body was found some distance away. MRS. HULL was removed from the wreckage with difficulty and taken to Norfolk.
Joseph Dunnely, of Bartlett, truck driver, discovered the tragedy. He saw the tail light of HULL'S car burning brightly as the car lay in the ditch, and stopped to investigate. He hurried to a filling station to spread the alarm.
Patrol officers say the car probably was going at a terrific speed. They deduced that someone in the car became frightened and touched the steering wheel as the bridge loomed in sight. The machine left the highway before the bridge was reached.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1941-02-20