Omaha, NE Trains Collide, Jan 1890



Omaha, Jan. 22. -- There was a collision of trains on the Belt Line division of the Missouri Pacific, within the city limits.
WILLIAM BOYLE, a local Democratic politician, was killed instantly.
J. SCHWARICK, deputy county treasurer, was injured internally.
J. A. HARVEY, badly crushed, probably fatally.
_____ VANDERVENTER, badly crushed, probably fatally.
S. FRABER, both legs broken.
FRANK CHURCH, both legs broken.
Two brothers named MITCLAFF, railroad shop boys, were seriously injured; one had his skull fractured.
Several other passengers were more or less injured. The conductor, WILLIAM SHIELDS, had an arm broken and was badly crushed.
The suburban train was twenty minutes late, but had orders to run ahead to Omaha. The freight train which had orders to follow the passenger train into Omaha, broke in two near Druid Hill. This being discovered the engineer immediately increased the speed to keep out of the way of the problem. The suburban train had stopped at the crossing, and was just pulling out when the engineer discovered the freight rapidly approaching. He opened wide the throttle of his engine, hoping to get out of the way, but the wheels slid around on the track, and in an instant the freight dashed into the rear of the passenger train and lifted every coach from the track, smashing them to pieces. The freight engine did not leave the track.

Fitchburg Sentinel Massachusetts 1890-01-22