Merna, NE Bomber Crashes, Apr 1944


Broken Bow, Neb. -- (AP) -- A Liberator bomber enroute from Glenview, Ill., back to its base at Kirkland FIeld, Albuquerque, N.M., crashed Saturday night in hills 17 miles northwest of Broken Bow, killing the ten men aboard.
The plane, flying up a 300-foot canyon, during a rainstorm, crashed into a range of hills at the canyon's end. Tractors were used to drag ambulances thru muddy fields to the wreckage.
The crash was on the Dan Beardsley farm. Officers from the Kearney, Neb., army air base took charge.
The wreckage was strewn over several acres and did not burn. Officers expressed belief the heavy fog and rain prevented the pilot from seeing the range of hills at the end of the canyon.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1944-04-30

Listing of Casualties:
Captain VIRGIL D. ANDERSON, pilot, Salem, S.D.
Captain STANLEY M. FOSTE, copilot, Paradise, Calif.
Second Lt. WARREN C. KARAS, student pilot, Elmhurst, Ill.
Second Lt. FRANK L. BROWN, student pilot, Muskegon Heights, Mich.
Second Lt. CHARLES F. PIEL, student pilot, Berwyn, Ill.
Flight Officer ROLLIN E. RYBURN, student pilot, Oakland, Calif.
Cpl. ADAM J. KOCHAN, engineer, Chicago, Ill.
Staff Sgt. EUGENE D. RYDSTEDT, radioman, Chicago, Ill.
Pvt. BRUNO C. OSKAR, student engineer, Chicago, Ill.
Pvt. EDWARD J. JACOBS, student radioman, Chicago, Ill.