Morrill, NE Bomber Crash, May 1944


Scotts Bluff, Neb. (AP) -- Five of the crew, including the pilot and co-pilot, were killed and three men injured Friday in the crash of a Liberator bomber from the McCook, Neb., air base, 13 miles northeast of Morrill, Neb.
Straight Townsend, Scottsbluff county attorney, and Deputy Sheriff Steve Warrick who investigated the crash, said that the big plane broke in two after striking the ground and the fore part burst into flames. The fire burned grassland for a half mile around the wrecked plane.
Three crewmen were hospitalized here.

Council Bluffs Nonpareil Iowa 1944-05-06

Victims of the crash were:
Second Lt. O. A. JONES, pilot, Mt. Sterling, Ill.
Second Lt. KENNETH L. HUTZEL, copilot, Sanborn, N.Y.
Flight Officer WALTER L. JENSEN, bombardier, St. Paul, Minn.
Staff Sgt. CHARLES W. RUNNION, engineer, Benton, Tenn.
Staff Sgt. ROBERT D. HARRIS, radioman, Dravosburg, Pa.
Sgt. BILLY D. QUEEN, gunner, St. Joseph, Mo.
Survivors of the crash were:
Second Lt. WILLIAM N. SALOMON, navigator.
Cpl. WILLIAM F. KILKEARY, gunner, Pittsburgh, Pa.