Grand Island, NE Bomber Crash, Feb 1944



Sgt. STANLEY S. SALA, of the Army Air Corps, 19-year-old son of Mrs. Agnes Sala, 9 Saratoga Street, Cohoes, died yesterday in the crash of an Army bomber at Grand Island, Neb.
Sergeant SALA, who enlisted in the Air Corps while a member of the junior class at Cohoes High School, was one of eight men who died. Two were injured, one seriously, when the bomber crashed as it was taking off from a routine flight at the Grand Island Army Air base.
The pilot, Second Lieut. HOWARD TALBERT, son of John A. Talbert, Cliffside, N.C., escaped with minor injuries, according to an announcement by Lieut. Col. E. G. Ford, commanding officer.
Flames enveloped the wreckage, which was strewn for several yards. Six of the men died instantly and two a short time later.

The Troy Record New York 1944-02-26

B-17 Bomber Killed:
Second Lt. JOHN T. McMILLEN, copilot, Cleveland, Ohio.
Second Lt. KENNETH E. PIERCE, navigator, Brownsville, Tex.
Flight Officer ALFRED R. FLOCK, bombardier, Boise, Idaho.
S/Sgt. GLEN M. COX, engineer, Newport, Kent.
S/Sgt. DONALD J. VITALE, radioman, Crockett, Calif.
Sgt. JOHN M. ROBERTSON, gunner, Atlanta, Georgia.
Sgt. STANLEY S. SALA, gunner, Cohoes, N.Y.
Sgt. LLOYD D. McNEIL, gunner, Somers, Iowa.
Sgt. EDWARD MACHOS, gunner, Manchester, N.H.

B-17 Bomber Survivor:
Second Lt. HOWARD TALBERT, pilot, Cliffside, N.C.