West Point, NE Freight Train Wreck, Aug 1910

West Point NEB wreck 8-14-1910.jpg



West Point, Neb., Aug. 14. -- The most serious railway accident that has occurred here for many years happened this morning at 4:50 below the stock yards at the entrance to the railway yards at West Point. West bound freight No. 39, a double header with two heavy freight engines and a heavily loaded train going at a high rate of speed, struck two feet of sand, mud and debris which had been washed during the night from the high ground adjoining. The track was completely buried for a distance of over two blocks and when the train struck the obstruction the first engine left the track, toppled over on its side and lays half embedded in the debris and almost directly across the track. The second engine jumped the track on the opposite side, but did not turn completely over. Both engines are badly wrecked and the major portion of the freight cars torn to pieces.
Passengers and baggage on No. 2, east bound were transferred at this point as also those on No. 1, the Dallas train, west bound. Passengers on No. 6, the Black Hills train were considerably delayed. Through traffic cannot be resumed for some days. The track crosses a small stream at this point, which, being more than bank full deposited the sand on the right of way during the exceptionally heavy rains of this morning.
None of the train crew was injured the engine men jumping in time to avoid being pinned under the wreck.

The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1910-08-15