Coleridge, NE Fire, May 1899


Tract a Mile Wide Devasted and a Woman and Boy Burned

Coleridge, Neb., May 1.-- A prairie fire burning in the hay fields along the northern tier of counties of Nebraska, ten miles from this place, passed into the track of a tornado and was swept diagonally across this county for twenty-five miles, destroying everything in its path.

The only lives lost so far as known were those of MRS. ROLLA LIVINGSTON and HER 5-YEAR-OLD-BOY.

A great many cattle were burned. A large number of farm houses were destroyed and the families escaped by seeking refuge beyond the track of the storm. The path of fire was nearly a mile wide.

Some of the losses are: Rolla Livingston, $15,000; Stanley Martin, $30,000; David Walker, $10,000; Isaac Pritchett, $2,000; W. A. Bennitt, $5,000; Joseph Hodgkin, $20,000; William Weber, $25,000; James Parsons, 300 head of stock, etc., $12,000; William Zook, large number of horses and cattle, $10,000.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 2 May 1899