Wymore, NE Business Section Fire, May 1914

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Wymore, Neb., May 9. -- Two men are suffering from fractured limbs and nearly half the business section of Wymore is in ashes tonight as a result of the wind-driven flames that swept a portion of the town yesterday afternoon. W. A. DRAKE had both legs broken and J. W. WYMORE suffered the fracture of one limb, when the two men were caught beneath the falling walls of the Greenwood block, while aiding in razing the gutted building tonight.
For nearly four hours during the afternoon the united efforts of the Wymore and Beatrice fire departments, besides the aid of every man in Wymore and many Beatrice citizens, were expended in fighting the flames that originiated from a burning trash pile behind the DAWSON furniture store, shortly after noon. It was not until 3:30 o'clock that the flames were under control. It was then merely a question of time until the fire was beaten out. But when the fire was finally subdued six buildings were in ashes and the fire loss had totaled over $80,000.
The DAWSON furniture store, the Greenwood block, the JAMES KINLEY cigar store, the post office, the ROBERTSON general store and a frame building owned by Mayor I. T. CUTSHALL had been destroyed. The First National bank was among the establishments ruined, its quarters being in the Greenwood block. Several lodge rooms and the quarters of the Wymore company of the Nebraska national guard, which were in the same block, were ruined.
The loss was estimated as follows:
MARY GREENWOOD block, $10,000.
H. W. DUMMETT block, $6,000.
I. T. CUTSHALL, $1,500.
ROBERTSON company building, $15,000.
ROBERTSON company stock, $25,000.
W. A. DAWSON stock, $20,000.
FIrst National bank, $3,000.
This is the second disastrous fire that has visited Wymore during the last five years. Half a decade ago the section directly across the street from the portion burned today was burned to the ground. The loss at that time was not as heavy as in today's fire, although the greater portion of that loss was covered by insurance. Today's loss did not carry more than $60,000 insurance.

Beatrice, Neb., May 9. -- The entire fire fighting equipment of this city, together with the firemen of the two Beatrice companies, were loaded on a special car attached to the noon passenger train running from here to Wymore today. Fully 500 Beatrice residents rushed to Wymore in autos to assist in fighting the fire that threatened the entire business section of Wymore.
It was not until late in the afternoon that the departments of the two towns, assisted by the residents of Beatrice and Wymore, succeeded in getting the flames under control.
Tonight there remains little but smouldering ruins where six business establishments of the town of Wymore stood. Althought the flames were subdued, close watch is being kept on the ruins that the fire may not again be fanned into life and work more havoc in the town.

Lincoln Daily Star Nebraska 1914-05-10