Kearney, NE Tornado, Jun 1908

Ruins of Mr Bonds Residence, Kearney, NE 1908

Dozen Residences Destroyed or Badly Damaged and Several Persons Injured.

Kearney, Neb., June 6.- Several persons were injured and probably a dozen residences were either destroyed or badly damaged by a tornado which struck the southern portion of this city at 5:43 o’clock in the afternoon. No less than eight funnel-shaped clouds formed during an hour and passed within sight of Kearney, but only one struck the town.

Among the houses hit by the tornado were the residence of Elwood Jenkins, whose wife and child were seriously injured; the brick residence of A. W. Bond and the homes of Alfred Anderson, J. M. Parr, A. P. Salgren, Henry Wagner and S. Nichols. Mrs. Wagner, who was at work in her kitchen when the storm struck the house, was blown through a window, which probably saved her life, as the house was torn to splinters a few minutes later.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, IL 6 Jun 1908


Kearney Area Tornado

Thursday's Casualties

Kearney, Neb., June 5. -- Additional reports received from districts hit by yesterday's tornado tell of at least two fatalities and indicate additional damage by the storm. Near Boelus, ten miles north west of here, E. Voldson and his wife were killed in their home near town and their house wrecked. In the town of Boelus, a number of buildings were partially wrecked and three persons injured, none fatally. Crops in the path of the storm which covered a large part of Buffalo and Kearney counties were almost entirely destroyed.

The Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 6 Jun 1908