Byron, NE Tornado, Jun 1908

Omaha, Neb, June 6 -- A tornado which passed over southern Nebraska and portions of northern Kansas Friday evening was the most destructive and covered the most territory of any similar storm which has visited this state in many years. ...


Between Byron and Beshler the greatest loss of life occurred, twelve persons being killed outright and a number receiving injuries from which they cannot recover.


A revised list of the dead follows

Two brothers named Austin

Two daughters of Mrs. C. Simpet and Mr. Austin and son

One entire family, four to six members names unknown all near Byron

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 7 Jun 1908


A telephone message from Chester, Kan., reported twelve deaths in the vicinity of Byron, Neb. The storm was evidently most severe in the vicinity of Byron, and nothing could withstand its fury. Following the tornado a hard rain which lasted well into the night soaked the storm-stricken sufferers, making their lot doubly hard. Many of them were absolutely without shelter, and the storm occurred so late in the evening it was impossible for them to seek either shelter or relief during the night.

Herald, Arlington Heights, IL 12 Jun 1908


List of the Known Dead

The list of the known dead and injured is as follows....

John Austin, wife and son;

two daughters of Mrs. C. Simpel;

one entire family, four to six members, names unknown -- all near Byron

The Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, IA 8 Jun 1908