Bear Creek, MT Smith Mine Disaster - Last Body Removed

Bodies of Last Victims of Mine Blast Recovered

Bearcreek, Mont., March 7 (AP).-The last bodies of seventy-four miners who died in the Smith coal mine after an explosion Feb. 27, was brought out Sunday. It was that of ELMER PRICE, 53, a foreman.

Carbon monoxide spread through the mine’s many veins after the blast and felled the workers before expert disaster crews could force fresh air to them.

Unofficially the explosion was attributed to methane gas. The official report of the blast origin will be issued in Washington by the United States Bureau of Mines inspectors.

A Catholic mass will be said for the victims Monday and a memorial service is to be held on Tuesday in Red Lodge, five miles from Bearcreek.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 8 Mar 1943