East Colusa, MT Mine Accident, Sept 1900


Descent of 12 Floors and Not a Bone Broken.


William Dunstan's Remarkable Experience in the East Colusa Mine---His Chances for Recovery Considered Very Good.

William Dunstan, aged 23, single, fell 12 floors in the East Colusa mine yesterday and lives to tell his friends how it feels to drop nearly 100 feet and alight upon one's head. The miner was working with others in the mine when in some way not explained he fell. The miners working with him believed that they were going down to pick up the dead body of their companion.

An agreeable surprise awaited them, however, for when the man was picked up he was far from dead. He was semi-conscious, but able to support his weight upon his feet. He was removed to the B. & M. hospital, where Dr. McCrimmon, who had been summoned, attended to him. There were many bruises on the face, shoulders and body, made by coming in contact with the walls in his hasty descent. His scalp was badly lacerated and the back of the head was was divested of hair.

Dr. McCrimmon said last night he was unable at that time to say how serious the injuries were. He examined the outer skull plate and found it intact. Still, he said, the inside may be fractured or otherwise seriously affected. There were no bones broken. The neccessary[sic] immediate restoratives were administered. Last night the patient spoke only when aroused by the nurses.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 15 Sept 1900